We believe in NetSuite’s philosophy of “One System. No Limits” and would like to integrate most business applications within the NetSuite platform.API Integration and how a system such as a NetSuite might work with your existing system, is naturally one of your largest concerns. The nature of NetSuite, an easy system to integrate into most business networks, and our expertise, means that we expect your integrations to proceed efficiently.

We offer a personalised service concerned with ensuring that you get the best available and most suitable system for your requirements. To that end, we offer NetSuite as a modular service and third party API Integration, providing a features-based package ideal for your required specified integrations.

We do understand Business applications are extensive and organisations are reluctant to change existing application platform deployed for specific modules due to

  • Significant Investment in the existing application
  • User adaptability on a new environment
  • Data hierarchy and complexities
  • Best of the Breed solution
  • Existing contractual obligations

Typically to overcome these obstacles we would integrate your existing application with NetSuite using SuiteTalk. SuiteTalk integration makes it easy to enhance, extend, and integrate third party and legacy systems seamlessly with NetSuite.