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any address or company globally within NetSuite

Create a customer or vendor record within minutes and with a configuration template that allows administrators to set specific fields which can extract information from Google’s business database utilizing its powerful search tool.


Display the expected date of arrival of items at inventory and sales order transactions

nexETA connects purchase orders and sales orders for determining stock arrival dates and the ability to maintain variations in shipment arrival dates.

nexETA carries the receive by and shipment date over to each item at the purchase order level, along with the purchase order number, quantity ordered, received and remaining quantity.


Direct lookup into the Australian Business Register within NetSuite entity records

nexABN allows Australian NetSuite users to search, create and validate Australian Business Numbers using direct lookup into the Australian Business Register. nexABN is able to update the ABN on customer and vendor records. Records can be validated individually, for example new accounts or as a batch update.


New Zealand Business Number Validation

nexNZBN allows New Zealand NetSuite account or subsidiary users to search, create and validate NZBN numbers using direct lookup into the New Zealand Business Number database for a unique identifier (13 digit number) available for every sole trader, business, corporate, partnership or trust in New Zealand.


Tag parent task name with child task records for easy reference

NetSuite Service Resources Planning and Advanced Project Management users can now use this free app to concatenate parent task names with their associated child task entries.


Approve Employee time by aggregate values

Approve time grouped by employees in the workweek, rather than individual time entries, when using the NetSuite time entry feature. nexTimeApproval groups employees’ time tracking by any date filter, and summarizes the individual time entries by each employee.