About Us

Who are we?

CloudNex is a NetSuite Solution Provider and Suite-Cloud Developer Network Partner offering consultancy service to small, medium and large enterprises in respect to NetSuite implementation and adaption. We specialise in helping SME’s move to NetSuite, the world’s best cloud based accounting, payroll.

Founded in 2012, CloudNex is a culmination of broad industry experienced individuals. Although based in Melbourne, Australia we operate with associates across national boundaries and diverse cultures.

Today, we channel our knowledge across verticals to deliver a unique solution for your business. Our purpose is to support organisations achieve the finest business outcomes with greater speed and agility by aligning strategy with technology and transforming the way individuals work. We do this across the life cycle of a business from inception to launch and beyond.

CloudNex is one of just a few familiar NetSuite vendors in Australia and we believe the most important thing is maximising your business’ growth while reducing outward costs. Improving efficiency and productivity is the best way to achieve this.


What do we offer?

Expertise to help you rapidly innovate your business processes and technologies to drive customer engagement and profitable growth.

Support every stage of your transformation journey and our proven agile implementation methodology ensures you achieve business outcomes in the short term, not years.

Providing agile development implementations based on proven best practices and solid implementation methodologies. We specialize in integration, data clean-up, migration and custom development.

Knowledge Transfer: We work side by side with your team, so you can manage your NetSuite software after we’ve completed the implementation process

Keep It Simple: We focus on developing simple solutions that users would love and expand exponentially.

How are we different?

As a company, CloudNex focuses on ensuring that your NetSuite system is ideal for your specific business. We consult with you to understand your data and technology. Not to just roll out standard applications based on what works for everyone else.

As a NetSuite Solution Provider, we customise each NetSuite implementation with appropriate modules that fit your business profile and ensure the best for you and by this maximising your business’ investment. Unlike other trades, we ask and understand what your business expects to gain from NetSuite.

We investigate your problems, work with you, and ensure potential solutions

  • Upfront planning
  • Best practice development
  • Data integration
  • System testing
  • Training & Support

Although we are one of the carefully chosen NetSuite vendors Australia,if standard NetSuite modules are not right for you, we recommend other latent solutions from our range of scripting services.

1st July 2016

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